It has been a few months that we have been living under moving limitations, a forced isolation for some, we are so to say going towards the unknown... every day a little bit closer.

Freedom is more than ever to be grown from the inside and time has come for questioning oneself. It is all about seeking from within the resources contributing to one’s personal growth in order to reach a state of serenity. In a nutshell : the evolution of awareness and consciousness has become a mandatory step for most of us. This is exactly here that the psycho-energetic work meaningfully arises allowing us to explore the intrinsic world within along with creating a direct access to our blockages for a brighter awareness. We are like led towards little by little destroying mental constructs and limiting beliefs which are oppressing us today more than yesterday.

Did you just say distant healing?

Space and time ... are we still attached to these laws or can we consider to outreach these invisible borders ?

In Theta Healing, Heart Oracle, Reiki and actually for a vast majority of energetic healing techniques, there is no question (or no more) about it. It is indeed possible and without a doubt to talk about distant healing very simply.

Let’s assume that we are all connected, not only as human beings, but we talk about a connection to each and every sentient being on our planet, within the galaxy and beyond. Let’s assume that we are feeling the vibration of the butterfly’s wings’ movement on the other “end” of the universe or that we resonate with the solar storms that influence not only the very planet we are living on, but, also the very structure of cosmic order.

Let’s imagine then that the invisible but indestructible bound that connects us to all that is, goes infinitely beyond space and time, as well inside of each of us at a microcosmic level, as within the universal expansion at a macroscopic level of existence self.

That way we can access to ALL THAT IS very easily ! The akashic records, all kinds of probabilities, parallels, the matrix, the DNA, the visible, the invisible, an infinity of possibles, etc...

During the session, I connect my higher self to Source, which means, beyond the laws of physics that are ruling our everyday life as well as space and time. We are talking about a non physical access through a pure intention that is giving me access to all necessary piece of information needed for the good practice of healing through the energetic, emotional, psychological, physical levels of the client, depending on what he · she needs.

Our inner worlds are immensely rich. We are able through meditation to go to the root of the personality of the client but also inside the very matrix of creation of all that is.

Technically it means that:

- We first take an appointment (phone or whatsapp) in order to define the major points · themes on which we are going to work.

- Once the phone is hanged and offline, the client takes place in a cozy and quiet space, while I am beginning with the audio recording of the session.

- After the session, we will connect each other again for a direct feedback on what happened and I will send the recording through whatsapp or else.

- As you see, after a purely energetic session based on his · her personal feelings, mind being put aside, the client will receive the vocal recording of what happened on my side (time for visions!). The session definitely RESONATES much more and the recording can be listened to again later on if wanted.

- Long story short: experiencing a distant healing session means to actually get a 2 sessions in 1 ;-)

You allow yourself more quality time, to center, to listen to yourself, to heal...


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